Chemist, MSc / Research Associate

Tel: 0030 2310 498184




  • Membrane processes for water and wastewater treatment
  • Valorization of treated effluents by established and advanced processes
  • The regulatory framework regarding potable and reclaimed water in the view of emerging contaminants

Charikleia Tsaridou graduated from the Department of Chemistry,  A.U.Th. in 2014 and in September 2016 she received her master degree in “Chemical and Environmental Technology”. She completed her Bachelor and Master thesis at the Laboratory of General and Inorganic Chemistry, A.U.Th. specializing in the optimal production of biofuels from biomass sources using modified catalysts. For three years (2016-2019) she worked as a chemist in the biotechnology sector focusing on the production and quality control of innovative assays regarding food safety. She joined the NRRE in October 2019 participating in projects focused on the development of novel membrane processes for treatment and reuse of wastewater; a significant part of this work deals with the regulatory framework regarding potable and reclaimed water.

Outside the lab, Charikleia enjoys pilates, attending concerts and travelling abroad