Chemical Engineer, PhD / Collaborate Researcher

    Tel: 0030 2310 498177




    • Lab-scale biocatalytic production of biodiesel.
    • Experimental and theoretical tools in the effort of optimizing hemodialysis process
    • Utilization of agricultural and food industry by-products.
    • Isolation of bioactive compounds from natural products
    • Encapsulation of bioactive compounds in degradable matrices.

    Alexandra received her Diploma of Chemical Engineer from the Chemical Engineering Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in 2011. She obtained her PhD from the same department in 2016. Her post-doctoral research (2017-2018) was funded by “IKY Fellowship of Excellence for Postgraduate studies in Greece-Siemens Programme” and since 2018 she is working as a Collaborate Researcher at NRRE Laboratory. Her main research interests focus on the valorization of agricultural and food industry by-products, recovery of bioactive compounds and study on their biological activities. Also, she has been involved in the optimization of hemodialysis procedure and the performance of hemodialyzers. She has participated in 21 national and international conferences and in several scientific workshops and her research activities resulted in 9 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

    Outside lab, Alexandra likes travelling a lot, in order to experience new cultures and also likes going to the movies and reading culinary books!