Novel Equipment-Pilot Units


Special bench-scale membrane units
  • Bench-scale, high pressure cells for dead-end filtration, for various well-controlled tests
  • A special bench-scale set–up for MF and UF filtration studies; direct observations under the microscope, video-recording and image processing to clarify fouling mechanisms
  • Two special systems with flat cross-flow test sections, fully instrumented, for studying membrane (MF, UF, NF, ULP-RO) fouling and scaling characteristics
  • MBR, laboratory-scale system, fully instrumented; immersed-type membranes
  • Photocatalytic submerged membrane reactor system for organic species degradation
Special pilot membrane units

Two pilot plants, fully instrumented and computer-controlled, for intermediate and high pressure membrane (NF and RO) studies with commercial membrane elements. A pilot photocatalytic membrane reactor (UV-C/TiO2/UF), fully instrumented and PLC controlled.