Pollution Mitigation – Water Purification

Pollution Mitigation – Water Purification

Research is carried out on innovative Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), which are energy efficient and need no external addition of expensive and difficult to handle oxidants, for degradation of organic micro-pollutants including recalcitrant pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Along these lines, development of hybrid photocatalysis – UF membrane processes is successfully pursued for various applications. Other water purification techniques are also studied for potable water and industrial effluent treatment applications.

2.1 Advanced Oxidation Processes

  • Electro-Fenton, Novel System for degradation of organic micro-pollutants and water purification [GSRT project – NHRON, patent application]
  • Hybrid Photocatalysis – Membrane processes for pollutants degradation

2.2 Pollutants characterization and removal

Water Characterization and filtration  

  • Natural water sources (micro-pollutants, NOM, etc.)
  • Novel filter media  [Maxit project]

Removal of Pollutants; process development

  • Pesticides removal by NF-LPRO Membranes & Hybrid processes [PhD thesis]
  • Industrial effluent; treatment-reuse  [GSRT – industry project]