PHOTOX: “The Electro-Solution in water and wastewater treatment”

PHOTOX: “The Electro-Solution in water and wastewater treatment”

Development of a novel advanced photochemical oxidation system for the removal of the non-biodegradable organics from industrial wastewaters

Scope-Novelty : 

The PHOTOX project aims at developing an innovative H2O2/UV-C system and optimizing the technology through large-scale laboratory and pilot testing in a real industrial environment, aiming at the techno economical evaluation and exploitation of the project’s results for commercial applications.

Key elements of innovation of the H2O2/UV-C system are:

(a) the on-site electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide in a divided or non-divided cell with DSA®/GDE anode/cathode electrodes, thus avoiding the transport and storage of hazardous oxidants, and

(b) the combined treatment of wastewater by means of anodic oxidation and UV-C irradiation, by applying lamps with different characteristics whose emission spectrum matches the H2O2 absorption spectrum.