Natural Resources and Renewable Energies Laboratory (NRRE) is one of the founding research units of Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), established in 1985. At NRRE, applied and basic research are carried out toward the development of technological solutions for water and wastewater treatment and pollution abatement, valorization of agricultural residues and of industrial byproducts and utilization of renewable energy and other natural resources in the context of circular economy and sustainable development. NRRE’s research priorities include the development and verification of novel, hybrid water and wastewater treatment technologies based on membrane filtration, biological remediation and advanced oxidation.  Emphasis is placed on assisting the Greek and European economy through the development of expertise, collaboration with world leading scientific/technical organizations, personnel training and specialized services to the industry at international scale.


  • Development and verification of novel water and wastewater treatment technologies
  • Development and application of laboratory and pilot devices with the goal to verify experimentally new methodologies, products and technologies
  • Transfer of results of the applied research in the field into industrial practice through collaboration with the industry and other end-users
  • Research activities in the field of membrane filtration and advanced oxidation
  • Excellently equipped laboratory forms a base for young scientists, providing them with the conditions for applied research and transfer of its results into industrial practice
  • Contributing to improvement of professional education and preparation of experts through the offer of a unique infrastructure, specialized services and seminars
  • Improvement of the level and scope of cooperation with academic, research institutions and industry in Greece and abroad by means of joint research projects
  • Contributing to popularization and development of processes and methodologies in the context of the three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental, social) through presentation and publication activities and involvement in national and European professional organizations