1. Best oral presentation award to “A system systematic investigation of lead and sulphate ions removal from aqueous solutions by electrodialysis” by Alexia Voutetaki, Athanasios Papadopoulos, Konstantinos Plakas, Dimitrios Bollas, Symeon Parcharidis and Panagiotis Seferlis, in the context of the 13th Panhellenic Scientific Conference in Chemical Engineering (13th PSCCE), June 2-4, 2022, Patras, Greece.
  2. Best poster presentation award to “Novel evolved Yarrowia lipolytica strains for enhanced growth and lipid content under high concentrations of crude glycerol“, by  Tsirigka, E. Theodosiou, S.I. Patsios, A.Tsoureki, A. Andreadelli, A. Aggeli, A.M. Makris and A.J. Karabelas, in the context of the 15th International Yeast Lipid Conference (YLC), 1-3 June, 2022, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  3. Best poster presentation award to “Growth study of an coli GMO strain incapable of catabolizing  lactic acid in mixtures of organic acids and simple sugars” by A. Nastouli, S.I. Patsios, M. Harasek, and A.J. Karabelas, in the context of the Biorefine Conference “The role of biorefineries in European agriculture”, May 30-31, 2022, Ghent, Belgium.
  4. Best poster presentation award to “Novel membrane processes for valorisation of agro-industrial wastes and water reuse” by S.I. Patsios, K.N. Kontogianopoulos, M. Atziaras, S.T. Mitrouli and A.J. Karabelas for the “Environment – Climate Change” thematic area, during the 12thPanhellenic Scientific Conference in Chemical Engineering (12th PSCCE), 29-31 May, 2019, Athens, Greece.
  5. OIKOPOLIS 2018 Award –Scientific Work bestowed on Professor Anastasios Karabelas during the “Environmental Awareness Awards ECOPOLIS 2018” ceremony, 2 July 2018, Milos Island, Greece.
  6. J. Karabelas, Advisory Board Member, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 2004 – present.
  7. J. Karabelas, Editorial Board Member of “Desalination” Journal.
  8. J. Karabelas, Guest Editor “Desalination” Journal, Special Issue: “Desalination Using Membrane Technology”, 2015-2016.
  9. Cover page on the international scientific journal “Chemical Engineering Journal” the graphical abstract of publication entitled “Investigation of diclofenac degradation in a continuous photocatalytic membrane reactor. Influence of operating parameters”, by V. C. Sarasidis, K. V. Plakas, S. I. Patsios, A. J. Karabelas, Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 239, 1 March 2014, ISSN 1385-8947.
  10. Best poster presentation award to “Monitoring the membrane scaling propensity of retentate in reverse osmosis desalination plants” by A. J Karabelas, S. T. Mitrouli, J. Gragopoulos, A. Karanasiou, N. P. Isaias, A. S. Al Rammah, in the context of the IDA World Congress 2013 on Desalination and Water Reuse, October 20-25, 2013, Tianjin, China.
  11. Best poster presentation award to “Efficient Electro-Fenton Degradation of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in a Novel Electrochemical Flow-Through Device” by K. V. Plakas and A. J . Karabelas in the context of 3rd European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes (EAAOP3), October 27-30, 2013, Almeria, Spain.
  12. 4th Award in the Innovative Business Plan Competition organized by the Region of Central Macedonia. Business plan title: “Advanced MBR-RO system for the production of ultra-pure water from municipal wastewater, covering the needs for water in the Industrial Area of Sindos Thessaloniki”, by K. Katsoufidou, C. Koutsou, S. Patsios, K. Plakas, D. Sioutopoulos.