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Εργαστήριο Φυσικών Πόρων και Εναλλακτικών
Μορφών Ενέργειας

Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute

Theoretical and experimental studies of flow through narrow channels with inserts, towards membrane module performance optimization / Industrial funding MEDRC, Oman

Scopes of the project:1) To perform numerical simulations of hydrodynamics and mass transport in realistic 3-D representations of existing spacers and modifications, in order to study the effects of relevant dimensionless parameters, and to obtain average as well as local values of parameters of interest. 2) To perform experiments in a spacer-filled narrow channel in order to obtain relevant hydrodynamic and mass transport parameters. 3) By comparison, to assess the results of the above theoretical and experimental studies in order to identify the merits and drawbacks of existing or modified spacer configurations.