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Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute

Integrated Concepts for reuse of Upgraded Wastewater (AQUAREC) / Funded by European Commission, EVU1-2001-00213


Wastewater reuse presents a promising solution to the growing pressure on Europe's water resources. However, wastewater reuse implementation faces obstacles that include insufficient public acceptance, technical, economic and hygienic risks and further uncertainties caused by a lack of awareness, accepted standards, guidelines and uniform European legislation. So far, there are no European regulations on water reuse and further development is slowed by lack of standards in water quality, treatment and distribution systems. While guidelines for agricultural water reuse have been defined by the World Health Organisation, and by different states such as the USA and Saudi Arabia, a uniform solution for Europe is lacking. European standards have to take a complex water policy and management framework into account and have to balance the protection of water resources, economic and regional interests and consumer-related safety standards.

The general objective is to provide knowledge for a rational wastewater reuse strategy as a major component of sustainable water management practices. The approach will be interdisciplinary and broad, addressing issues of strategy, management and technology. The project aims to define criteria to assess the appropriateness of wastewater reuse concepts in particular cases and to identify the potential role of wastewater reuse in European water management. The project will provide guidance for end-users facing decisions in the planning and implementation of wastewater reuse schemes as well as for public institutions on various levels.