Centre for Research & Technology Hellas


Natural Resources and Renewable Energies

Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute


    • Instrumentation for standard water and effluent analyses

      • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) analyses
      • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analyses
      • Spectrophotometers of dual and single beam (Shimadzu UV-1700 PharmaSpec, Helios)
      • Instrumentation for SDI (Silt Density Index) and NTU measurements
      • ICP Elemental analysis (Perkin Elmer) (in collaboration with the Analytical Services Unit / CPERI/CERTH)
    • Chromatography units for organic pollutants analysis

      • Full system of gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GC/MS) for organic pollutants determination (AGILENT GC 7890A / 5975C INNERT MSD SYSTEM)
      • System of gas chromatography (GC) with Electron Capture Detector (ECD) and Nitrogen-Phosphorous Cetector (NPD) for organic pollutants determination (AGILENT GC 6890N / NPD / ECD)
      • Unit of Gel Permeation Chromatography / High Performance Liquid Chromatography (GPC/HPLC) for molecular weight distribution analyses and organic pollutants determination (Shimadzu LC-10ADvp with UV-Vis and Refractive Index-RI Detectors)
    • System for particle size and zeta-potential measurements

    • System for particle size and zeta-potential measurements (Zetasizer, Malvern)


    • Analysis of Total Organic Carbon

    • Analysis of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) with a Shimadzu TOC-5000A analyzer. 

    • Inorganic ions determination in aquatic samples

      • Ion Chromatograph, Metrohm 690
      • Laboratory polymeter (pH-meter, conductivity-meter, ion-meter) (WTW inoLab® pH/ΙΟΝ / Cond 750 SET)
    • Instrumentation for membrane characterization

      • Unit for contact angle measurements (Kruss-G10)
      • Scanning Electron Microscope (JEOL 6300) (in collaboration with the Unit of Analytical Services, CPERI/CERTH)
      • Transmission Electron Microscope (JEOL) (in collaboration with the Unit of Analytical Services, CPERI/CERTH)
      • X-Ray Diffraction System (Siemens – D500) (in collaboration with the Unit οφ Analytical Services, CPERI/CERTH)
    • Special bench-scale membrane units

      • Bench-scale, high pressure cells for dead-end filtration, for various well-controlled tests
      • A special bench-scale set–up for MF and UF filtration studies; direct observations under the microscope, video-recording and image processing to clarify fouling mechanisms
      • Two special systems with flat cross-flow test sections, fully instrumented, for studying membrane (MF, UF, NF, ULP-RO) fouling and scaling characteristics
      • MBR, laboratory-scale system, fully instrumented; immersed-type membranes
      • Photocatalytic submerged membrane reactor system for organic species degradation
    • Special pilot membrane units


      Two pilot plants, fully instrumented and computer-controlled, for intermediate and high pressure membrane (NF and RO) studies with commercial membrane elements. A pilot photocatalytic membrane reactor (UV-C/TiO2/UF), fully instrumented and PLC controlled.
    • Computing and software for numerical simulations

      • High computing power capabilities for numerical simulations (CFD, other); network of 4 servers with double processors each; parallel computing
      • FLUENT software package, for flow and transport phenomena simulations